Put your Porsche on stands in minutes!

Lightweight, easy to use, look great and store in a corner!

928 early*
964, 993 (911)

928 late
996, 997, 991 (911)
986, 987, 981, 982~718 (Boxster)
987C, 981C, 982C~718C (Cayman)
981GT4, 982GT4~718GT4 (GT4)

992 not currently available
968, Carrera 3.2 no longer available

These bars will also fit other types with this mark
* 928-early (78-86.0) fit other types but taller ends

If jack height too high use 1.5" spacer under rear tire (2x6)

Use only 2 to 6 ton axle stands with pyramid style base*
Use on level, smooth, concrete; jack must roll in and out freely*
After reaching target height, lift opposite side again to settle stands

*NO ESCO flat-top stands
*Use steel plate larger than jack on uneven surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: About four to six weeks after ordering for Black if not in stock
A: Hand made to order, much depends on the coating shop's work load

Q: Do I need a special low profile jack?
A: No. Simply place a 2x6 under the rear tire for extra space (drive on or lift at rear jack point)
A: Liftbars add about two inches to the jack saddle height not including the locating posts

Q: Can I use regular axle stands?
A: Yes. 2022-up bars fit ESCO axle stand saddles but any pyramid shaped axle stand will work
A: 3-ton and/or 6-ton stands depending on how high you want to go

Q: Can I use my ESCO rubber flap top stands?
A: No. By design, Liftbars rotate in the axle stand saddle a few degrees when the other side is lifted
A: ESCO axle stand posts are available separately (EG. Pelican Parts PEL-10497-P)

Q: Can I jack up my car on plastic floor tiles?
A: No. Floor must be smooth, clean, crack-free concrete. Floor jack must be able to roll freely in and out
A: Jack wheels must not sink into the flooring or be blocked by cracks or debris

Q: The GIF movie shows the bars bending?
A: Yes. To move the center of gravity closer to the car and weigh less, Liftbars bend, but only so far
A: A calibrated pre-bend, limit strap, and raised ends prevent touching the chassis

Q: Do I have to position the jack in the exact center?
A: No. Moving the jack slightly toward the engine may help equalize the distance between the bar and stands
A: The center plate makes the bar easier to grasp and pick up off the floor

New for 2024 (no changes from 2023)

Each bar weighs 15lbs (6.8kg), less than the weight of a jack stand

Liftbars can be used with ESCO axle type or standard pyramid axle stands

Available in Black gloss powder-coat or Bare u-paint for faster delivery

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2024 Black bars

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