S4.S300s ignition chip (1987-1991)

(This page is being added to! Updated 09/16/2020)

Individualized performance for your 928 S4!
Automatically creates a custom map for EACH cylinder
Each cylinder is optimized for its own unique airflow and knock tolerances
More power across the rpm range at rpms not available when manual tuning

Optional slower advance rate if desired (higher performance engines EG. lightly boosted)

Available soon with GT and GTS base maps. Custom (shark)tunes can be incorporated, too!

EZK new code highlights:
- 8 learned maps, 1 for each cylinder
- Soft rev limit, ignition retard (6400)
- Knock light enabled (with error indication)

- New knock sensors
- New CPS (crank position sensor)
- New TPS (throttle position switch)
- New hall sensor (cam position)

- S4 camshafts

91 octane or higher:
- 91 US/AKI (95 EU/RON)

- EZK chip
- case label

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