Put your Porsche on stands in minutes!

New for 2019! - 'gold' option with same day shipping

987c, 981c, GT4, 718c (Cayman)
986, 987, 981, 718 (Boxster)
996, 997, 991 (911)
928 earlylate

964, 993, C3.2, 968 to be discontinued in 2019, order here

These bars will also fit other types with this mark
Early 928 bars fit othertypes but have taller/wider ends

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If jack height too high use spacer under rear tire (2x6)

Use only 2 to 6 ton axle stands with pyramid style base*
Use on level, smooth, concrete; jack must roll in and out freely*
After reaching target height, lift opposite side again to settle stands

*NO ESCO stands, flat-top rubber or axle-type
*Use steel plate larger than jack on uneven surfaces

Original early 928 Liftbars, 2006

New for 2019!

Choice of Gold or Standard finish

Each bar now weighs <16lbs (7.25kg) each

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