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New for 2019! - 'gold' option with same day shipping

987c, 981c, GT4, 718c (Cayman)
986, 987, 981, 718 (Boxster)
996, 997, 991 (911)
928 earlylate

964, 993 (89-98)
Carrera 3.2 (86-89 only)
968 (92-95)

These bars will also fit other types with this mark
Early 928 bars fit othertypes but have taller/wider ends

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If jack height too high, use small ramps or spacer under rear tire
Example: lift car at rear jack point, slide 1.5" tall (2x6) spacer under rear tire

Use only 2 to 6 ton axle stands with pyramid style base*
Use on level, smooth, concrete; jack must roll in and out freely
After reaching target height, lift opposite side again to settle stands

* ESCO axle-type stands only

Original early 928 Liftbars, 2006

New for 2019!

Choice of Gold or Standard finish

Each bar now weighs <16lbs (7.25kg) each

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