928 S4/GT/GTS (1987-1995) Stage-1 Boost

V2.10 stage one supercharged chip now available

EZK-S optimized for a low boost supercharger
Knock light enabled, especially important for boosted cars
Knocking virtually eliminated, no need for extreme overfueling

EZK new code highlights:
- 8 learned maps, 1 for each cylinder
- Soft rev limit, ignition retard (6400)
- Knock light/CEL enabled

- EZK-S chip
- case labels
- PKStick'r

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Q: What is Stage One supercharging?
A: Low pressure (non-intercooled) supercharger using stock EZK chip

Q: What are the main differences between the EZK-B and EZK-S?
A: The boost chip has less initial advance and a slower learn rate for added safety

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Please refer to the EZK-S main page